Our local church has a long history going back to the early 1880’s with a group of 9 people coming together in Foster City after immigrating from Sweden. These individuals and families started working on the railroad and eventually in 1887 a saw mill was built and many of them worked there and became loggers.  It wasn’t until 1887 when this group of people decided that they needed to meet every other Sunday for a time of reading the scriptures, singing songs of praise, and prayer. They did this by alternating between two different homes and without a pastor. Later in that year a lay preacher started visiting this church once a month to preach. Once the number got too big to meet in the homes, they started to meet in the Town Hall. This lay preacher kept coming once a month until 1904 or 1905. In 1890 more and more Swedes had moved into the Foster City area. In 1902 a society was organized and named The Foster City Mission Society, which was made up of the people attending this church that had not yet fully been organized. In 1903, they built their first building for the church to meet and gather in. In October of 1909, the church had officially organized and became Swedish Evangelical Mission Congregation of Breen Township. In 1910 the church grew, weekly Sunday worship services, Sunday school, kids program, mid week activities, and they had their first full time pastor. Throughout the years money was tight for everyone yet God provided for this congregation time and time again. In 1920 they began to notice that the building the church was using to gather was falling apart and they were in need of a new building. In 1922 they had completed the new building for the church to meet in and it is that building that we continue to worship in every Sunday.
Since 1922 we have continued to proclaim the truth, meet every Sunday for worship, and share the love of Jesus with those in our area. Our desire is make disciples who then make more disciples while loving on our community.